VAT Services in Bath

VAT Services in Bath / Advice about VAT in Bath R D Owen and Co

R D Owen and Co offer a wide range of VAT services to Bath businesses, including:

  • Help and advice about initial registration for VAT in the UK and across the EU
  • VAT healthchecks and training
  • Advice about the rules relating to second-hand goods
  • How to apply VAT to construction & property transactions and when you should do this
  • Advice about the rules for VAT and partially exempt organisations
  • Advice regarding international transactions
  • Advice about the rules for VAT and Charities
  • Advice about the various VAT schemes that are available
  • Help with VAT investigations
  • and many, many more.

While many of these are the day-to-day problems, we can also help with VAT planning for businesses, the rules relating to exports and imports and other complicated issues.

For more information about our VAT services take a look at the services menu or contact us.