VAT Advice Bath

VAT Advice in Bath R D Owen and Co

For what was initially designed to be a simple tax,VAT has developed into one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on business and has left many businesses, charities and other organisations with questions including:-

  • Should I be registered for VAT?
  • How do I fill in this VAT return?
  • I sell second-hand goods, what are the VAT rules?
  • What are the VAT rules for property transactions?
  • I run a charity, what are the VAT rules?
  • Should I charge VAT on services supplied to overseas customers?
  • I have to attend a VAT tribunal, is there someone to help me?
  • Is my product or service zero-rate or exempt from VAT?
  • I import / export items, how do I account for them on my VAT return?
  • What are the VAT retail schemes?
  • Am I reclaiming all the VAT I am entitled to?

Although the answer to some of these questions will be relatively straight-forward, others demand specialist VAT advice from people with knowledge of all the rules and regulations governing VAT. This is where the specialists at R D Owen and Co in Bath can help you, from assisting with the initial registration through to the considerably more complex business of applying VAT correctly. Our advice can minimise the risk of failing a VAT inspection - with associated costs - and also reduce your VAT bill and improve your business's cashflow.

We offer effective, confidential and high-quality VAT advice to businesses of all sizes in the UK, as well as companies based abroad. Overseas businesses that are considering setting up a subsidiary in the UK may be worried about the legal implications of VAT, such as the rules concerning the supply and installation of goods and the movement of goods within the EU. We can help with all of these areas.

Please contact us if you need VAT advice in Bath or the surrounding area.